”Teatr Lalek” - periodical published by the Polish Centre of UNIMA in Białystok, dedicated to the critique, documentation, history and theory of the puppet theatre. Issued four times a year in Polish and English language versions, it contains lavish photograph and illustration material. From 2012 the co-publisher of “Teatr Lalek” is the Book Institute, Editor-in-chief - Lucyna Kozień.

”Teatr Lalek” is published periodically since 1950 and is a continuation of the ”Bal u lal” monthly issued during the interwar period by Jan Izydor Sztaudynger. From 1996 the periodical appears in Polish and English. Financed by funds provided by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. A total of 142 issues appeared since 1982 (after publication was reinstated), including a number of special issues, i.a. a presentation of the Polish puppet theatre published upon the occasion of the XVI International Festival of Puppetry Art in Bielsko-Biała (1994), visual arts and stage designers in the Polish puppet theatre (1995), the German puppet theatre (2004, Polish and German language versions), the fiftieth anniversary of POLUNIMA (2011), and puppetry training (2012, published in cooperation with the UNIMA Professional Training Commission).

No. 103-104 of the periodical was issued in 2011 upon the occasion of the 50th anniversary of POLUNIMA and contains a wide presentation of the Polish puppet theatre in the wake of the systemic transformation. The attractive graphic layout and lavish illustrations refer to the most essential artistic events within the domain of the art of puppetry. Special-theme issues discussed, i.a. the scenario, private theatres, erotica in the puppet theatre, the fairy tale, the independent theatre in 1989-2003, Nativity mystery plays, playwrights and writing for the theatre, visual arts in the theatre, the puppet theatre, the independent theatre in 1989-2003, theatrical education, the mechanical theatre, the robot theatre, the alternative theatre, the puppet in the cinema, and new dramaturgy.

For past several years ”Teatr Lalek” has been transcending problems closely associated with the puppet theatre and expanding its interests so as to include the visual arts theatre, the object theatre, as well as the alternative and independent theatre and to widen the range of its recipients by involving the extra-puppetry milieu. The periodical invites critics and theatre experts professionally not connected with the art of puppetry to cooperate. In more recent years the editorial board embarked upon collaboration with young theatre critics. “Teatr Lalek” also publishes articles by foreign authors, experts on the topic and the theatrical profession.

By basing itself on favourable experiences, co-working with recognised authors but also widening the group of authors by including young theatre critics, the editors attempt to mould the image of ”Teatr Lalek” so that the periodical, unique within the puppetry milieu, would grow increasingly attractive to people actively participating in culture as well as to secondary school and academic students, and draw an increasing number of readers interested in all aspects of the theatre, as diverse as possible. But also that it might continue playing the part of a periodical documenting the most essential events within the range of the art of puppetry.  

The editors include texts about the puppet theatre arranged in several fundamental sections: Essays, Festivals, Reviews, From the world, Silhouettes, Anniversaries, Recollections, Talks, From the author’s drawer, Publications, Education, Dramaturgy, and Feuilleton. 


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